While outinbuffalo.com is a humble effort to unify the GLBT community of Buffalo, the team certainly doesn’t believe in being region-specific. We’re certainly one big global community, irrespective of which part of the world we hail from. And especially considering the fact that being a queer can still have you outlawed, punished and even sentenced to death in more than half of the modern world, there are many, many warfronts to confront and victories to be achieved. In fact, outinbuffalo.com aims at being a comprehensive, online GLBT destination. So whether you’re looking for prospective date or fun nightclubs or news updates or thought-provoking posts from fellow-members, this is an unmatched destination. At no point of time should you feel isolated or stigmatized, because outinbuffalo.com is where you’ll find plenty of a fresh lease of life, and plenty of queer hugs!

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