Jeffrey Tambor’s Impressive Speech at the Emmys

24 Sep 2016

Even in the present age of rising LGBT emancipation, not many public personalities take up a stance for them. And when a glitzy awards ceremony is concerned, this becomes an utmost rarity. This is exactly why we’d like to raise a toast to Jeffrey Tambor and his heartfelt speech at the Emmys this year, wherein he brought attention to the dire lack of transgender representation on television. He didn’t beat around the bush, and carried on with his speech exuding utmost clarity. It’s about time Production Houses and Talent Agencies gave LGBT artists a fair chance at displaying their talent. In the end, he also remarked that he’d definitely be game for an opportunity to play a female transgender on television, if given an opportunity. Kudos to this brave actor, who received the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series’. If you’re not hooked yet, he plays the role of Maura Pfefferman in Transparent, a Comedy Series on Amazon created by Jill Soloway.

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