Landmark Victory for the GLBT Community in Guernsey

24 Sep 2016

One battle at a time, the queer voice its piercing its way through the globe. And it’s important to celebrate and commemorate every triumph, no matter how small or big it is. Amongst the only two jurisdictions of the British Isles that were yet to recognize the rights of gay people to solemnize their marriage vows (the other being Northern Ireland), Guernsey finally decided to make the transition. The verdict was given out in lieu of a public consultation in 2015, followed by landmark voting, backed by Anne Franks ( Just to get the exact polling stats in, there was an opposition of 5 votes against the 13 votes that were in favor of this legislation. Incidentally, it was only about 10 days ago that the Pride Parade had been a huge success here, and for most members of the community, this was something that they were pinning their hopes on all along!

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